Sunday, March 17, 2013

Steel & Rye

I am very close to my cousins.  As kids, we grew up just a few towns over from each other and spent every Friday night playing 4 versions of tag, making couch forts, and of course, 'house".  It worked out perfectly for our parents who got to enjoy some 'adult time' around what they called 'the evil table'... playing cards, ordering takeout, and having a couple brews.

As we've grown up, we've stayed just as close.  It's been WEEKS since we last had a 'cousin dinner' and therefore obviously had a lot of catching up to do.  All three of us have very exciting things happening in our lives so we basically didn't shut up for about three hours.

We went to a newer restaurant, Steel & Rye, in Lower Mills, Milton, MA.  It was delicious.

As I walked up... Just from the styling on the exterior... I knew I was in for a good meal (plus they have complimentary valet). Love that.

Love the rustic table and soft lighting. The ambiance was perfection. (look at that butter.....)

Very surprisingly, Jenn had never tried oysters.  Funny, because she has a pretty diverse palate and Kerri and I are basically obsessed. She knew she would like them so we went ahead and ordered a bunch. She loved them.

Kerri was a vegetarian for 5 years... This is what she ordered. Ribeye for the has-been veg. So funny. In her words "treat yoself!" (oh, and it was ridiculous... so good)

I had a hard time making up my mind so I got two appetizers for my meal (typical).  Lamb meatballs and flank steak salad. Both were seasoned perfectly.

Jenn got the salmon... her plate was clean (also typical) so I'm pretty sure she loved it.

Finally, we got dessert.  Jenn and I split the affogato and it was phenomenal. Kerri got some pear sorbet thing which honestly was not very good.  Stick with the chocolate and thank me later.  And, well, we gobbled it down so quickly I forgot to take a picture.  Whoops! (but I love this little menu)

Have a relaxing Sunday! xo.


  1. Why is it called Steel and Rye? I want details! Also I need a pic of the dessert... :) Keep it up, Sherri! The foodie in me loves restaurant reviews.

  2. Thanks, Krista! It doesn't say, but, I believe it has something to do with its roots "Set in a former ambulance garage – it’s where Raw Spice Meets Refined Food.". It was truly excellent.