Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Sunshine

This week's "Friday Sunshine" is a reflection on the past week.  Most weeks have ups and downs. It's important to look back at the series of events... you'll usually find that the ups outweigh out the downs.  Happy Spring!

On Sunday, I spent most of the day with my niece.  Here, we had just had some snacks and were going through my phone looking at recent pictures.  She was interested in every last detail.  She's so smart.

The snow storm on Tuesday was a real bummer! I think we're all ready for Spring.  I've wanted a pair of tortoise ray bans for two years now. (not sure why I haven't just purchased them) Last week I did and they arrived on Tuesday!

I got a flat tire on Wednesday, but, the beauty of living in Southie is that there are local repair shops that take care of you right away. I waited about 15 minutes outside in the crisp air and sunshine while the the shop owner fixed my tire. $20 later and I was off to work.  

It's restaurant week in Boston so I met up with Chris & Rachael for dinner at Post 390.  I am obsessed. The food was phenomenal and the atmosphere was warm, inviting, and comfortable. I will be back, very soon.

The most beautiful Spring roses I've ever seen also arrived on Tuesday. Made more than my just my day :)

In full bloom the next day.

And then, this happened.  
Jenn, you are my sister and one of the very best people I know. Brett, you're a good man. Proud to call you my cousin-bro. I am so happy for you both and I cannot wait to celebrate. Love you lots!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! xo.

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