Thursday, March 14, 2013

Quick, Clean Meals and Recovery Fuel (my detox)

I live, eat, and breath by the 80/20 rule.  In terms of my diet, 80% healthy; 20% not AS healthy. (Note: 20% means dining out, organic frozen yogurt, an occasional dark chocolate, etc. NOT fake food) I've found that a happily balanced life and diet provide the best results.  It's not healthy to deprive yourself of anything that you enjoy. 

This week, however, I am following a 90/10 rule.  Every few weeks, I like to eat as clean as humanly possible. My diet will include very well balanced meals, increased antioxidants, increased protein, lower carb, very low sugar.  We all know that sometimes that 80/20 rule can expand to 70/30 after a few fun weekends and work events.  Following a 90/10 will get you right on track.  Below you will find a breakfast, lunch, and dinner that I've prepared this week.  All three are super easy and will leave you feeling energized and refreshed! (plus, they are pretty tasty)

I've been hitting my boxing classes in the morning lately so I need a breakfast that hits on all levels: protein, potassium, carbs, and antioxidants.  I like to call this breakfast "recovery fuel". 
- Blueberries - Antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber
- Blackberries - Antioxidants, fiber
- 1 Banana - Potassium, Carbohydrate
- Cinnamon - Antioxidants
- Slivered almonds - Vitamin E, mono-unsaturated fats
- 2% Cottage Cheese - High levels of protein that have an amino acid makeup that studies have shown recovers muscles faster than other forms of protein.

Most days this week I prepared a simple mixed green salad with avocado, egg, and vegetables. I ran out of some of those ingredients today so I packed this instead (so simple!) Just pre-pack the ingredients and make it when you sit.
- Greek non-fat plain yogurt - Very high protein
- Slivered almonds - Vitamin E
- Frozen blueberries - Easy to pack!, antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C
- Cinnamon - Antioxidants
- Dried cranberries - Mostly for flavor but also antioxidants (kind of falls in the 10% - high in sugar)
This salad is super tasty.  It's really quite easy to make an Asian Chicken Salad healthy. I did use an organic wasabi ginger marinade for the chicken instead of my own. This is fine to do as long as you read the ingredients and ensure there aren't any preservatives, additives or corn syrup, etc.
- Romaine lettuce - Antioxidants, fiber
- Shredded carrots - Vitamin A, fiber
- Organic chicken breast - Protein
- Orange pepper - Vitamin C, antioxidants, Vitamin A
- Slivered almonds
- Avocado - Fiber, Omegas, Potassium, Vitamin C, Folate
- Pea pods - Potassium, manganese, vitamin C, fiber
Dressing: 1 parts sesame oil, 1 part rice vinegar,  tbs mustard, tbs honey, salt, crushed red pepper; mix & dress!

Who's going to join me in a 90/10 week soon? Feel free to ask any questions.

Have a great Friday. xo.

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