Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Sunshine...

So I had such a positive reaction to last Friday's "In stormy weather..." post that I want to make it a Friday trend.

Have a sunny weekend :)

If this song doesn't get you ready for the weekend, I'm not sure we'll get along. Turn up the volume.

You never know what today will bring...

5 days until Spring!... Bring health into your home with a garden this year. You only need a few feet of space. (Left: my garden at my apartment last summer; Right: inspiration for this year's garden at my new condo)
#Balcon #paris @l'aurey des jardins  

Then, you can eat a caprese every day... YUM.

And finally, it's Friday... so put your party dress on and have some fun. (And boys, just enjoy the party dress.)


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