Saturday, February 23, 2013

Avocado, Egg, Feta

I just got back from boxing a little while ago.  The class was particularly intense today (which was awesome) so I wanted to make a lunch that had a good amount of protein.  Lately, I've been making salads for lunch at work with avocado, egg, & feta.  It is such a delectable little combo.  Usually I only use one egg, but after today's class, I knew I needed a little bit more protein.  Eggs got a bad wrap for a while, but really, they are so good for you.  

Here are the ingredients & benefits:

New England Farmhouse Grown Tomatoes: Lycopene, antioxidants, vitamin C (I don't like buying tomatoes anywhere but USA).  This time of year, local greenhouses are the way to go.
Avocado: Omega-3's, Fiber. (the healthy fats in avocados help absorb the nutrients in the salad) 
USDA Organic Eggs: Choline & Protein.  Choline reduces inflammation and is great for brain health. You've got to buy ORGANIC when it comes to eggs. Just the label "cage free" doesn't protect you.  
Carrots: Beta-carotene, vitamins A&C
Feta: Tastes yummy, calcium, has less calories and fat per serving than most cheeses. (So there you go.)
Organic Baby Spinach: Such a power food, you name it, it's in it. Fiber, Vitamin C, A, K, & the B's. 

Honestly, just eating these pretty little tomatoes & avo with some olive oil would have made me happy.

Sometimes, I get the boil perfect.  Happy little eggs.

Finished product.  I dressed it with lemon juice and a yogurt feta dressing that doesn't have any preservatives or nonsense oils in it.  I found it at foodies.  I should have taken the photo before I dressed it, it was really quite pretty before.

Have a fabulous weekend. xo.

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