Monday, February 18, 2013

Favorite beauty fake-outs

First and foremost, a healthy diet, 4+ days/week workouts, and lots of water is the number one beauty "secret".  There are, however, some topical products I swear by when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful... even in the dead of winter.

I love living in Boston, it is a fantastic city.  The months of January - March can, however, be a little tough both mentally and physically.  The right attitude and some key beauty products can make these months a bit more bearable. Plus, the city is really quite beautiful after it snows :)

Here are my favorites:

Clarisonic Mia. I've turned a lot of people onto this little life changing device. It works by 'swooshing' the bad stuff out of your pores, rather than scrubbing them. It works wonders! I started using it about a year ago and have never had smoother skin.

Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer.  I use this daily. I love it even more in the winter because the antioxidant-rich mangosteen extract provides for a natural tanned tint. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup so many times after I put this on in the morning, the only addition I make to the skin on my face is a little blush.

Speaking of tan, don't go fake tanning. It is terrible for your skin and you'll kick yourself later in life when you start to look like an old lady at 35. Plus, you know it causes cancer... don't do it.  St. Tropez makes (in my opinion) by far the the BEST faux tan lotions.  The one on the left is for a dark tan (I don't use this too often), but, it works like a charm.  Don't be scared when you first put it on, as your skin will turn green and then fades.  The end result, is fantastic. You will not be orange and you will smell delicious.  Their products provide a natural glow, not the oompa-loompa look. The one on the right, I use almost daily.  It's a gradual tanning lotion and won't leave your hands a crazy color.  It works amazingly well. Plus, they are formulated with natural ingredients.

Last but not least, NARS orgasm blush. Rosey cheeks are the 2nd best accessory in the winter (aside from a bright white smile).  The NARS orgasm blush is just the right color that doesn't look too crazy pink or too light.

Have a wonderful week... stay warm. xo

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