Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Motivation continued & Moves of the week

I was thinking about what I wanted to post about tonight and decided that I want to continue to talk about motivation.  I think it's important.  Being motivated not only to work out and eat healthy, but also, in every aspect of life.  

Last week, I talked about the marathon and how just watching it should be motivation enough to get a fitness program started.  The week before that I talked about my first boxing class and how it was new and frankly, awesome. I'm still super motivated by that class... getting stronger, less sore, and perfecting my form is a constant goal... plus - it's so fun! This week, I want to discuss where to find the motivation needed to hit your own personal goals. 

I have to be honest... unless someone has an extreme life situation... I really don't like hearing people say "well I just can't do that" or "well I'm just not good at that".  Don't get me wrong... I'm not talking about running a marathon or climbing a mountain.  I'm talking about people who truly don't think they have the power to work out, eat healthIER, complete a daunting task at work, run a 5k, bake a cake, paint a room... things like that. I always just want to (or do) say WHY?! Try it for crying out loud!! Andddd here I am finally getting to my point... I hope it translates... I think sometimes the best place to look for motivation is in the people that you already know.

You know those people... the people you look up to and admire, have it all together, seem to be doing everything that you wish or hope you could or want to do.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a famous person (although that can work to) but we all have people in our lives that motivate us in some form or another.  I have colleagues that I look up to at work... their organization and creativity.  I have friends and acquaintances that seem to be super athletes... they are just good at everything.  Others have the amazing ability to always look perfectly put-together. Here's the thing, instead of getting discouraged by these people... I look up to them. Try to figure them out... what do they do that allows them to be so put together, organized, fit, etc.  You know these people - are you asking them how they do it? I do it all the time, I always have.  You won't know if you don't ask! :-)  There's always a way to become better.  I will never stop working hard at being a good friend, family member, athlete, employee, boss, and overall productive person. 

If you don't know people like this... start surrounding yourself with people that do motivate you.  Join a class, run a race, join a group/club, etc.  And I'm going to let you in on a couple of secrets on the workout side that I hope gives you an extra push to get movin'!
1. Group Exercise Classes - Don't be nervous that you're going to look "stupid".  No athlete that is working out next to you is going to make fun of you or talk about you... in fact, they'll probably try to help you.  (if you do find someone is mean - they are insecure - ignore them - seriously)
2. Running a Race - Afraid you're going to come in last? You're not.  Runners come in all different shapes, sizes and speeds.  I've never known anyone to come in last and if you do come in last - so what - you did it! Don't believe me? Go find a local race this weekend and watch it. (that again, should be motivation enough)
3. Not sure how to Lift properly? - Ask any of the employees at the gym... They'll show you a couple moves and you won't hurt yourself with poor form! Or ask a friend who does know how - they WILL show you.

Where did this all come from?  I read an article a long time ago that discussed the best forms of motivation and, in a nutshell, it said that individuals who look up to or find out how those who motivate them do it all... have the most success.  Makes sense, right? That's why there's coaches, teachers, trainers, tutors, bosses, etc. etc. That article always stuck with me.

Movinggg onnn... I promised a few weeks ago that I'd start providing my favorite moves. I already discussed planks, criss-cross, and squats.

This time: Lunges, Push-ups (yesss push-ups), & Burpees!
All three of the above are killer for your whole body.  

Lunges are amazzzing for the legs. Keep the same form in mind as you do for squats (don't let the knee extend beyond the foot, drop down and push through the heels).  
Push ups work you whole body - yes they kill but they work!  Not just your chest, but triceps, delts, and even your core.
Burpees work everything! And they are a cardio blast - try 10 a day and start to stack on more when you get stronger... I love burpees - call me crazy.

Jump up, squat down, jump out, in and up!

Motivation for the week! Have an awesome one!

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