Monday, June 4, 2012

Get Active

It's "Motivational Monday", making it the perfect day of the week for a little extra push to get active.  If you haven't become active yet, or, are stuck in a dull routine... now is the time to change it up, get moving, and stop making excuses.  Why? Summer is upon us, the days are longer, and the weather is gorgeous. Excuses like not having a gym membership, weights at home, or "TIME" isn't going to cut it this time of year. (I don't like excuses any time of year but this time of year, I have zero tolerance ;)

The sun is out bright and early and doesn't set until around 8pm.  Get outside, go for a run, walk or hike.  Find a local basketball court, track, or tennis court and make it fun!  Find a local beach or hiking trail and change up your running or walking routine.  Now is the time for no excuses and to make exercise a habit.

Moving on... here are my "moves of the week"! We've already talked about squats, burpees, lunges, push-ups, criss-cross, and planks! Add the following three moves and you'll have yourself a solid workout just in time for bathing suit season!

1. Star jumps - Start in a squatting position, touch the ground, then jump up and throw your legs and arms out ... like a star!  These are tough... do 8-15 depending on your level. (more if you can!)

2. Supermans - Start facing down on the floor.  Arms out straight in front of you, neck neutral, and legs together. Raise arms and legs up in the air.  This move works your erector spinae which is the opposing muscle to the abdominal and very important to work to keep your core strong and evenly balanced.  It also works glutes and hamstrings... giving a nice lift in the tush!  Do 12-20 depending on your fitness level.

3. 180 jumps - These are also tough but they are awesome.  Start in a squatting position and as you pop up, jump 180 degress and squat back down again... repeat. Do 10-30 depending on your fitness level.

Combining these 9 moves in the order that I've listed them is a great workout.  Depending on your fitness level, repeat the sequence 2-3 times (preferably after a run outside;).  I'll continue to add more moves as we progress into the summer. Let me know if I can better explain any of the moves or how to incorporate them into a workout and have a GREAT week!

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