Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One of my favorite meals! Quick post/recipe!

Quick little post tonight!  I obviously had leftover ingredients from Monday night's "Portobello/Caprese Pasta".  So, I made one of my very favorite meals... especially in the summer.  A simple Caprese salad... fitting for this wild weather we are having! Tonight, I added grilled portobello mushrooms to it and some grilled shrimp/scallops/calamari.  This salad is so simple and healthy; even buffalo mozzarella cheese isn't too bad... it is a lower calorie cheese compared to most... plus it has calcium! ;)  Anyway, this is also something I love to order out because it tastes delicious and I know exactly what is in it... I always get grilled shrimp on the side or a shrimp cocktail.

Here's how I made it tonight:
- 3 mini mozzarella balls (cilligiene) = 60 cals (tip if you pinch the mozz balls into pieces, the 3 little cilligiene go pretty far)
- 1 heirloom tomato (can use whatever tomatoes you'd like - I also really like Roma tomatoes)
- 1/2 portobello mushroom, grilled
- 1/2 cup or so of grilled shrimp/calamari/scallops (Trader Joe's sells a frozen mixture that I keep in my fridge - it's perfect)
- 3-5 basil leaves
- 1/2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil
- salt, crushed red pepper, parsley, paprika, pepper, lemon
How to:
- Slice and dice the veggies/basil/mozz
- Grill the portobello sprayed or drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and crushed red pepper, lemon, salt, paprika, parsley (whatever works for you)
- Grill the seafood (make sure it is patted dry before you put it on your pan or else you will STEAM it instead of grill it!)

Arrange together, drizzle with olive oil and serve.  Tonight, I ate this with some hummus and brown rice crackers.  Delish!

Workout tip of the day: GET OUTSIDE. Walk or Run or find the closest stadium and run up and down the stairs.  Get outside and get some exercise, it's beautiful out.

Tonight's summer meal :) 
Sunset from my patio - no filter!
Before the sunset - drinking a 5 oz glass of cabernet :D

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