Sunday, February 19, 2012

Health in Friendships

As I've mentioned in my Bio and in the overall description of this blog.  Health is so much more than eating right and working out.  It's about having great relationships in life and being truly happy.  I feel so blessed to have great friends and an amazing family. I'm going to get a little sappy for a moment and then I'll revert back to tips- ha!  

So I had a group of my very close girlfriends over on Friday night.  I think it's important to make time like this with your close friends.  Whether you have 1 best friend or 7... letting them know how much you appreciate their support and loyalty to you as a friend, is so meaningful.  If you haven't called these people in a while... call them.  Just like in romantic relationships, you have to work to keep your friendly relationships strong, as well.  Make time for these people who have been there for you at 4am and beyond.  These are the people that have known you at your worst, best, funnest, and saddest.  They appreciate you for all of the things that make you, YOU, and vice versa.  Show them your appreciation.  That being said, we had a great time... it was just a group of 5 of us on Friday night... we had snacks, drank wine, and chatted.  Typical girls night.  But, it's these nights that stand out from many others. Solid friendships and family members keep you positive, strong, and supported.  That's what's most important in this crazy little world. 

So, getting back to tips... I did end up serving pretty healthy snacks.  As much as I love health and eating well... I'll never force it upon anyone... that's not my thing.  I don't like to sound 'preachy' or give unsolicited advice. That's why I'm enjoying having this blog.  It's a choice whether or not you want to read it.  That being said, when I entertain... I usually have pretty healthy food and mix in food that I know everyone likes. Here's what I did:  veggies and Tzatiki (greek yogurt dip - ((shocker that greek yogurt was included ! - ha try it if you haven't... it's made with greek yogurt, garlic, cucumbers, lemon, and a bunch of healthy herbs... I've made it from scratch a few times in the past but it takes a lot of ingredients and trader joe's has a great version. Most people don't realize how healthy it is - literally 30 calories in two tablespoons and NOTHING fake or 'fat free labeled')); I also had these little brown rice crisps, sweet potato chips (yum!), hummus, olives, pita chips, then I ended up serving a trader joe's frozen pizza (try their frozen pizzas - so good and minimal ingredients!) and served a box of chocolates for dessert.  None of the above listed items have trans fats or have the 'fat free or 'low fat' label planted on them... gross. When you see that - it just means that it has added sugar and that weird olestra shit that no one should eat.  I serve real food and if that means a bit more calories - who cares... it's real food and your body can process it.  One of my friends made fresh guacamole which was delicious and also so healthy! Serving the chocolates for dessert was fun! Usually I cook more but it was Friday night so I didn't have time to make a full on meal - this was a great alternative.  We also had a lot of red wine ;-)

I love nights like this... it's fun to do this with a group of friends on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.  My parents have a supper club with their friends every other month and each night it's themed ... they have a BLAST!  Call your friends, laugh a lot, and appreciate their friendship. That's what matters most.  Hope you all have a lovely week!

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